Hika Explorer

The screenshots below are from the Hika Explorer app.

Splash page

Welcome to Hika Explorer (English <--> Maori), the latest app in a series of iOS and Android applications.


The language sets are broken down into a series of useful categories. Inside each one you can also learn when, why and how you are best to use these phrases.


Slide the 4 panels left and right to build your own phrase, and then listen to the translation in either male or female voice. You can play the full phrase or individual chunks.


There are some fascinating things to learn about Maori culture and AotearoaNZ’s indigenous language. Find out more in the ‘Did you know?’ section.

Self Test

Once you’ve practiced your new language skills see how you are going in the Self Test area. Quiz your ability to hear and understand some of the simple phrases you’ve learnt.

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