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At Hika, we believe the Māori language is a beautiful, precious treasure for all New Zealanders.

It’s a language to embrace, cherish and pass on to your children and mokopuna (grandchildren). The word ‘hika’ can be used to describe the first flicker of the flame that kindles a fire. The ‘Hika’ experience will enlighten and illuminate your knowledge and understanding of language.

“Learning another language is a journey into the unknown and Hika is like a lamp to light your way and a roadmap to keep you on track”.

The Hika story is just getting started

The Hika technology platform has been designed to support a wide range languages that span the globe. The Hika Lite (English /Māori) and Hika Explorer (English /Māori) are the first of these offerings.

We look forward to expanding our te reo offerings, alongside other languages, for education, government and the public. Hika has also been designed to support the revitalisation of many indigenous languages around the world.

If you would like to know more about what Hika can offer or how you can be involved please get in touch with us today.


Hika Group wishes to thank all of our customers who have downloaded, viewed, shared and communicated through Hika Lite by text and email, we have now reached over 125,000 users and we wish to thank you and hope you enjoy utilising Hika Lite. We set out to Give-away 50,000 versions of Hika Lite then we extended the Give-away for 12 months and have more than doubled the expected download. Big congratulations and thank you to you all.