King Tuheitia describes this major technological achievement as a unique partnership and collaboration with the founders & whanau of the Hika Group and Te Reo Maaori directly. "Our language is a living, breathing entity of its own", says King Tuheitia.

All of those who choose to engage in Te Reo Maaori have also chosen to assist in the preservation of our language and our culture that is Aotearoa and our enduring gift to all Multi cultural societies around the world. King Tuheitia says, "Hika will realize the richness of this Taonga for Maaori and Aotearoa as we begin to celebrate this next week", and he couldn't be more excited.

Ngaa Mihi nui Kia koutou and congratulations on Maori Language week to the Management & Staff of both the Hika Group and Vodafone NZ.

Heoi ano.
For King Tuheitia KCLJ.

Kei te nui te mihi o te ngākau ki te whakamaunu, me nga whakamahinga o te rauemi hōu nei mō te ako me te korero i te reo. Mīharo kē au ki ngā whakamāramatanga a tētehi o ōna kaihanga, Greg Miller, me ngā whakawhitinga ki ngā mahi marae, ki te wā kāinga, ki ngā wāhi huhua ka taea ki te whakaae me te tautoko mai a Vodaphone.

I welcome the launch and applications in this new resource for the learning and speaking of Māori. I am thrilled at the demo from one of its creators, Greg Miller, and with the further plans for application to marae, to homes, to any number of other places, all possible with the support of Vodafone.

Ngā mihi

Tom Roa
Justice of the Peace
Dip Tchg (Auckland Teachers' College)
Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language (English Language Institute)
Bachelor of Arts (Victoria University);
Master of Arts (Waikato University)
I found the Hika programme to be probably the best way of encountering a language that I have come across because of the choice of sentence structure that allows you to make up your own phrases and sentences at the same time that you can hear the words. The strength of the Hika programme is that it integrates vocabulary, grammar, syntax and the sound of the words. I think it’s an outstanding programme and I’ve really enjoyed being part of it.

Associate Professor Elizabeth Rata
PhD, MEd (1st Class Hons), PGDipEd, BA, CertTchgSec
University of Auckland, Faculty of Education, School of Critical Studies in Education
I think Hika is a fantastic resource particularly because it allows you to hear the pronunciation while saying the words with the Hika model which builds your confidence. What is so good about Hika is that it’s a personal resource that you can use in your own time. Having the contextual topics is really helpful. I think it’s very appealing and a user friendly way of learning and could be used as a support to some tuition in a class context. 
I do like the opportunity to hear a male and female voice.

Dr Libby (Elizabeth) Limbrick, MA (Hons) PhD, Dip.Tchg 
Principal Lecturer, School of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education,
University of Auckland. 
Hika is a really good concept that obviously applies to more than just te reo Māori. It’s great to see that the Hika programme is laid out so that students don’t just have to learn in the classroom, but can also learn at home with their whānau or on-the-go, for instance, on the train. I do appreciate the ability to change the voice of the speaker from wahine to a male. The idea that students could reflect off each other and correct each other’s pronunciation is well entrenched. I’ve really enjoyed trialling it.

William McGrath
Mac Systems Specialist
University of Auckland, Faculty of Education.
I’m finding the content of Hika to be very useful in my language learning. I think Hika is a very effective learning tool to acquire the language with the structure of the language options at the different levels and the audio support. I also think that the Hika application will have ongoing usefulness in terms of support and as a prompt in contexts such as a classroom or perhaps a marae. Hika is a confidence building application and to have Hika on my iPhone would be absolutely terrific as I would like access to it continuously.

Liz Wilkinson
Subject Librarian (Māori Collection)
University of Auckland, Faculty of Education, Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library.
Using Hika has been a great experience and having access to words and phrases literally at my fingertips has encouraged me to incorporate te reo Māori into my work. This has mostly been done in written communications although I have pushed myself to use words and phrases informally with colleagues and whānau at every opportunity. Using Hika together with the opportunity to speak and converse with others on a regular basis would be the ideal scenario to build greater understanding and confidence which would enhance and further develop my reo.

Jenny Baber
University of Auckland, Team Solutions Facilitator for Secondary Schools
I found Hika very beneficial to learn different phrases at the different levels. Having given Hika to some students to trial and use, they really enjoyed participating with the technology and the tool itself.

Justin Barlow
Lecturer at the University of Auckland, Faculty of Education, School of Te Puna Wānanga.
Growing up I was only exposed to limited te reo. While I learnt some basics and a few songs in school it was never a focus. Using the Hika application has been an exciting and eye-opening experience for me. Because the tool is so fun and easy it has hardly felt like learning, but my knowledge of the Maori language has quickly expanded. What's more, I now feel inspired to learn more about the language and culture.

J Desmond (early HIka Lite user)
HIKA is a gateway to user-friendly learning of te reo Māori. A spark that ignites lifelong learning of te reo Māori.

Dr Katarina Edmonds
Doctor of Philosophy: Hawaiian and Indigenous Language and Culture Revitalisation 
Masters in Applied Linguistics Second Class Honours 
Bachelor of Education (Double Major Māori) 
Diploma of Bilingual Teaching 
Advanced Diploma of Teaching
Higher Diploma of Teaching
CTEFLA (Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults)